Friday Harbor & Lautenbach Continue Plastic Film Recycling Program

In 2021, the Town of Friday Harbor and SC Johnson Company, a manufacturer of household brands, launched a one-year pilot study to offer curbside collection and recycling of plastic film to Friday Harbor residents. That program ended this October 2022. Overall, the study was a success! The data offered SC Johnson Company insight on ways to put recyclable materials (not accepted in the “blue bin”) back into the economy where they have the most benefit.

The Town and Lautenbach Recycling have now partnered to continue with the Plastic Film Recycling Program because of the overwhelming support shown by Town residents this past year.

Every single-family residence that currently receives garbage can pick-up is eligible to participate. Residents that choose to participate should continue recycling clean and dry plastic bags, plastic storage bags such as Ziploc® brand bags, plastic grocery and produce bags, dry cleaning bags, and other flexible plastic film by placing it in the “Plastic Film Only” recycling bin provided by the Town earlier this year. Collection will continue on the fourth Wednesday of every month. There is no additional charge for this service. If you do not have a bin or want to sign up for garbage pick-up, please call (360) 378-2810.

“This program aligns with the Town’s eco-minded values,” said Mayor Jackson. “It’s an easy way for Town residents to help Friday Harbor stay litter free, keep our local waters clean and wildlife healthy and remove these harmful materials from landfills, all the while reducing the volume of your own household trash can.”

Meanwhile, the Town and Lautenbach will look for ways to expand the program. Recent suggestions include providing drop-off locations or expanding the program to include multi-family residential or commercial accounts.

“If these plastics can be recycled and repurposed into new products, there’s less problematic waste headed to the landfill and more conservation of limited resources,” said Troy Lautenbach. “We appreciate the leadership from Town and our other recycling partners in providing Friday Harbor residents with an alternative for plastic bags and film.”

For more information about Friday Harbor’s program – including specific instructions on how to participate, accepted vs. not accepted materials, and a calendar with pick-up dates for the duration of the program – please visit: You may also contact the Town Refuse Department at [email protected] or (360) 378-2810.